Using AI as project Management Software : which results for planning, tracking and communication ?

Project management software refers to digital tools specially designed to help teams manage, coordinate, track and analyze tasks resources pertaining to a specific project. Efficient project execution requires robust planning, timely communication and reliable tracking of tasks and deadlines. To effectively coordinate team efforts and drive projects to a successful completion, many businesses and teams are leveraging the power of project management software, especially those based on AI. This allows managers to gain greater visibility of a project's lifecycle, while granting teams transparency into individual and shared objectives. 

How is an AI based project management software used for planning? 

Project management software is commonly used for planning in creating project plans. Most project management software allows you to lay out project phases, tasks, timeliness, milestones and dependencies in a visual plan. Integrated with an AI tool like, project management software is also used for resource planning and communication. Project management tools enable you to define team members, their roles and allocation of project tasks. This helps to ensure you have the right people and time allotted, and to make automatic reminds. Such an IT system also helps for budget planning, as it lets you estimate costs for project elements like labor, materials, travel, etc. You can allocate budgets and track expenses against the plan.

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How is project management software used for tracking? 

AI based project management software is invaluable for tracking various aspects of projects, including task progress, as most tools provide task lists to visualize and track task progress against project plans. Features like percent complete, status indicators, timesheets, etc. give insights. You can also have access to dashboards and timeless enable tracking delays or changes to schedule start/end dates, milestones, deliverables, etc. Tracking critical path items is essential.

On this point, resource allocation and usage are also part of what an AI based software management software helps you to do. Tracking resource allocation against the plan, their utilization, workloads and effectiveness are key, especially for human resources. This facilitates better coordination and the AI functions help sending alerts to each one in case of excessive use.

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How is project management software used for communication? 

Project management software integrated with AI facilitates seamless communication among project team members and stakeholders with various features.

  • Task and schedule notifications: team members can receive automatic updates and reminders on assigned tasks, changes in schedule, milestones achieved, etc., using in-app AI notifications or emails. 
  • Project timeliness and dashboards: real-time interactive dashboards and project timeline views allow up-to-date information sharing on status progress.
  • Discussion forums: team collaboration features like threaded conversations or comments on tasks, enable communication within a project team.

Is AI based project management software easy to use? 

Project management software is designed for intuitive ease of use so that teams can quickly adopt the platforms and gain transparency into projects, no matter their role or proficiency with technology. Modern interfaces incorporate principles like minimalism, personalization and responsive design so that getting started feels natural rather than intimidating across devices. On the other, AI chatbot can play a guiding role all along projects, enlightening at any time how each user can have access to a function or another.

AI based project management solutions simplify and amplify planning, progress and delivery oversight, so projects meet defined objectives.

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